King: Decision in next 48 hours

Angus King said Friday he’ll decide within the next 48 hours whether he’ll run for the Senate.

On Friday he was doing a lot of “soul searching. I’m asking myself, ‘Can I make a difference?’ If Snowe with all her experience and ability couldn’t help budge the gridlock, “why should I? I don’t want to run just be senator. I want to accomplish something.”

But as he listened to her press conference Friday, “My thinking was maybe the only way to crack this is to have people who don’t answer to the leadership.”

King said he had a lengthy conversation with Snowe Friday. King’s wife, Mary Herman “is 100 percent in” in whatever he decides. Their children, Ben and Molly, are 21 and 18 respectively, and will both be in college next year. If they weren’t, “we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

(Interview by Sun Journal reporter Bonnie Washuk)