POLITICO: LePage wants a floor fight at GOP convention

Gov. Paul LePage told POLITICO Saturday that he thinks the current Republican field of presidential candidates are too compromised to beat President Obama in November. 

LePage, interviewed by POLITICO at the National Governors Association convention in D.C., said he wants to see a “floor fight” and hopefully a “dark horse” candidate will emerge. 

LePage, of course, was considered a dark horse candidate when he won the GOP gubernatorial primary in 2010. He’s often said that the his victory turned him from a “dark horse” to “Secretariat.”

LePage also said that the controversial Maine caucuses held two weeks ago were not handled properly. Mainers will remember that LePage and GOP Chairman Charlie Webster don’t always get along. 

LePage said that he’d prefer a primary over caucuses.

Here’s the POLITICO video from Saturday’s interview: