Cain declares candidacy for state Senate

State Rep. Emily Cain, D-Maine, announced today that she will run for the state Senate seat in District 30.

The seat is currently held by Sen. Elizabeth Schneider, D-Orono.

Cain, the current House minority leader, announced her bid during a gathering in Orono.

Cain has served in the Legislature since 2004. She formerly chaired the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee.

From her press release:

“I’m running for Senate with a focus on growing our economy and putting Maine people back to work,” said Cain. “Maine people need representatives in Augusta that don’t just manage today’s crisis, but provide leadership and work for solutions that improve economic growth and opportunity in the long-run.”


Cain added, “My focus is on real solutions for job creation in Maine, like investing in economic development, lowering energy costs, improving our roads and bridges, and linking business and education to prepare our workforce for the jobs of the future.”