DGA rips LePage’s ‘extreme environmental agenda’

The Democratic Governors Association has released a television ad attacking GOP gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage’s energy and environmental policies.

The 30-second spot hammers LePage for supporting offshore drilling in the Gulf of Maine and nuclear energy, as well as his recent comments that environmental regulations make the state unfriendly to business.

The ad is paid for by the DGA, which works to support the 26 Democratic governors currently in office.

With a rising national tide of voter dissatisfaction threatening to lower that number in November, voters can expect additional DGA involvement in gubernatorial campaigns. According to a recent report on Politico, the DGA is targeting battleground states with “disproportionate influence over national politics.”

With the release of the LePage ad — and a recent poll showing LePage with a significant lead over Democratic candidate Libby Mitchell — Maine can be included in the DGA’s cross-hairs.